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Facilities Management

FM Support for your Property and Assets

Focus on your core business and let us take care of the rest – wherever that may be. We can help you ensure your facility is prepared for today and the future.

You invest heavily in assets and capital, and we want to work with you to protect their value and get the most out of your equipment and your facility.  Our facilities management services include everything from basic building maintenance to complete asset management and lifecycle planning, ensuring your facilities and equipment are operating efficiently and effectively.

Avoid unforeseen costs with regular and preventative maintenance on everything in and around your facility so that your equipment runs smoothly throughout its planned lifecycle. 


Asset Management

We use end-to-end computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to take all the guess work out of managing your facility, so you can focus on running your core business. Asset register, work order system, planned maintenance program, materials management database -- every step of asset lifecycle is taken care of with accuracy and transparency, allowing you to identify trends and allocate resources accordingly. 

By using a CMMS, we can track work in real time, automate and keep an auditable trail of all the maintenance done on your assets, and provide you with detailed reporting.

Whether you want to extend the life of your assets or just maximize your utility of them, our rigorous and structured approach can help us recommend a suitable course of action, be it preventative maintenance or predictive maintenance, to reduce costs.

Expertise in hard and soft facilities management

Our services span various industries, from government and military to energy and resources, in some of the most challenging and remote locations. Whatever your needs are, we can develop a custom solution that works for you. Our facilities management experts can take care of everything from:

  • Project management
  • Operations and maintenance program
  • Construction services
  • HVAC systems
  • Overhead doors
  • Electrical systems
  • Utilities and energy management
  • Roads and grounds keeping
  • Janitorial services
  • Waste management
  • Security and pass control
  • Pest control
  • Fleet management and maintenance
  • Logistics services

and much more.

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