ATCO Frontec

Fuel Management & Distribution

Safe, reliable fuel services for your operations

Working with fuel is a serious matter and in remote locations it keeps your business or community running. 

Supplying communities requires expertise and planning, particularly in extreme climates, and Frontec delivers. To ensure your community stays warm and energized, we distribute fuel from trucks or tankers, to bulk fuel storage facilities and then on to the customer. 


Learn more about our expertise in fuel management.

Our expertise in fuel supply and management includes:

  • Bulk fuel distribution
  • Management of tanker bulk fuel resupply 
  • Infrastructure and pipeline maintenance
  • Inventory and environmental management
  • Airport refuelling operations
  • Continuous quality control 


With large volumes of petroleum being bought, sold, stored and distributed, safety is always our number one priority.

In Resolute Bay in Canada’s high Arctic, we operate a 30-million-litre fuel storage facility. And in Iqaluit, our joint venture Uqsuq maintains an 80-million-litre bulk fuel storage facility that supplies fuel to every building in the city, where temperatures range from -22ºC to -45ºC.

In addition to bringing fuel to remote communities, we work with Canada's defense industry to supply fuel to military aircraft. In Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, we refuel aircraft and manage a 1.5-million-litre above ground fuel farm to support military training.

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