Workforce Housing & Camp Services

Project Profile

  • ATCO Two Rivers Lodge



    Date:  2016 - Present

    Location:  Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

    Client:  BC Hydro

    Features:  2,200 rooms with ensuites, dining, lounge, gymnasium, movie theatre, salon, medical clinic.

    Category:  Workforce Housing & Camp Services

    Supporting BC Hydro's Site C Project

    It takes a lot to get a building up. It takes just as much to keep it running. Fortunately, we’re here for both.

    BC Hydro’s Site C Clean Energy Project is a massive, 1,100-megawatt generating station that represents an equally large staffing challenge: 1,700 construction workers need a place to live. So we tackled it twice: first with a 757-module lodge complex, then with all the lodging and maintenance services required to keep it feeling like home.

    The resulting ATCO Two Rivers Lodge is three stories tall, but there are two stories that define it: the way we put it together and the way we keep it operating effectively.

    Speed of Construction

    In less than 13 months ATCO Structures built a lodge meant to be in place eight years – the length of the dam’s construction. Manufactured simultaneously in our Canada and U.S. facilities, the lodge and its attached water treatment plant are outstanding examples of how modular construction reduce projects’ footprints and increase their efficiency. In one day alone, we were able to place 14 modules, using a specialized crane.

    But while the lodge may be temporary, it’s still built to last – steel rods in each of the dormitories’ three floors give the lodge resistance to the seismic forces of an earthquake. And inside, every feature is designed to afford hotel-like comforts, from single-occupancy bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms to a 100-person movie theatre, a licensed lounge, and a fully equipped gymnasium.

    Aerial view of Two Rivers Lodge expansion

    Exceptional Lodging Services

    Providing a temporary home for workers means more than a roof away from their worksite. That’s where the second half of our expertise kicks in. 

    Operating and maintaining a facility for over 2000 people is no small feat. Our range of hospitality and camp services includes maintenance, catering, medical services and fire protection. And because home can’t exist without comfort, we’ve complemented the facility’s hotel-like accommodations with personalized care options like physiotherapy, massage and hairdressing. 

    Along with employment opportunities for local First Nations communities, these services represent so much more than just the building of an exceptional lodge – they’re the final chapter in a story about how we commit to the projects we build – completely.

    Two Rivers Lodge Reception