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We are proud to welcome Fire Prevention Services (FPS) to the ATCO Frontec family.

Fire protection, prevention and suppression systems are fundamental to safeguarding your people, property and assets. FPS is a full-service inspection, testing and maintenance company, dedicated to providing industry leading service and support across Northern Canada and Alberta.

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Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Services

Fire systems require annual inspections, testing and maintenance (ITM) performed to ensure optimal performance. Our team of certified experts have years of combined experience and always remain up to date with the newest technologies and methods.

The FPS suite of services includes:

Inspection Consulting and Audits

Inspection Consulting and Audits

Trust us to audit your property and review current inspection reports to ensure you meet standards required by code. We’ll also conduct engineering reviews and evaluate building and electrical systems for upgrades to sprinkler, suppression and fire pump systems.

Design, Supply and Installation

Design, Supply and Installation

Our team of experts can provide everything required for fire suppression systems including commissioning of alarm panels, specialty systems, fire pumps and sprinkler systems.

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

We test all fire alarm system equipment as per CAN/ULC S536 Standards and provide deficiency repairs, fire alarm panel replacements and installations, and supply and install replacement parts. Third-party verification of work is completed by other contractors as per Can/ULC-S537-04 standards.

Suppression Systems

Suppression Systems

FPS will inspect, test and maintain a wide range of suppression systems including: wet or dry chemical, water mist, clean agent, CO2, inert gases, paint booths, and marine, off road and heavy equipment.

Design, Supply and Installation

Extinguisher Training, Sales and Service

Fire extinguisher training provides the information you need to confidently react to a fire and use an extinguisher properly. Facing a real fire under the guidance of a professional is a great way to learn. We’ll also supply and service your portable extinguishers.

MIC Corrosion

MIC - Corrosion Testing & Treatment

Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC) involves tiny organisms that can proliferate piping and is a major cause for corrosion. We inspect your system pipes for failures and implement treatment programs. 

Hydrant Flow Testing

Municipal Hydrant Flow Testing

Reliable sources of water are essential in a fire emergency. We support municipal systems, conducting flow tests to identify potential problems and ensure hydrants will work as expected.

Obstruction Investigations

Obstruction Investigations

Sprinkler systems should be regularly inspected to assess the internal condition of the piping, looking for organic or inorganic materials that may obstruct the flow of water or fire suppression chemicals.


ITM Training

FPS offers our clients and maintenance personnel hands-on training to perform some of the required inspection activities. We include the proper documentation and checklists specific to your facility.


FPS serves clients across multiple sectors including:
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Petroleum
  • Government
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Multi-unit residential
  • Recreational


Arctic Buildings

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FPS is headquartered in Yellowknife, with a branch office in Leduc, Alberta. Reach out to the team for all your fire prevention needs.