ATCO Frontec

Who we are

Frontier Spirit. Innovative Solutions.

We began in Canada, a country built by frontier spirit that compelled generations to build lives in some of the world’s most challenging locations. Frontec, a division of ATCO Ltd, stood for Frontier Technologies and was formed to supply technical services and logistical support in northern Canada. Today, that frontier spirit drives our global operations, challenging us to find innovative solutions for our clients’ most demanding projects.

We create and maintain safe environments for you and your customers, whether delivering operational support services, logistics, turn-key workforce accommodations, facilities management, or disaster and emergency management services.

Our goal is to make your life easier and your operations run smoother with our world-class integrated services. 

Who we serve

We provide customized solutions that support a wide array of industries and organizations globally, from managing government research facilities or delivering airside support services at military bases, to providing workforce lodging services for major infrastructure or resource development projects. Our disaster and emergency management division supports governments, humanitarian projects and helps indigenous communities build resilience.