Project Profile

  • Iqaluit Fuel Management Services

    Fueling a community

    More than just the distance, other challenges that come with working in the remote North include the short timeline within which to transport products and perform outdoor work. 

    Winter in Iqaluit ranges from -22C to -45C, hardly balmy, and accompanying windstorms and snowdrifts are certainly not conducive to regular shipments of goods, including fuel.

    To bring fuel to the city, we partnered with the Nunavut Petroleum Corporation in 1996 to form the UQSUQ partnership for the Iqaluit bulk fuel storage facility and pipeline distribution contract.



    Date:  1996 - Present

    Location:  Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

    Client:  Government of Nunavut

    Category:  Fuel Management & Distribution

    a joint venture built on trust and capability

    One of our longest joint-venture partnerships in Canada’s North, Uqsuq has been operating and maintaining the Iqaluit bulk fuel storage facility and pipeline distribution system and the delivery of petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, home heating fuel, AV-gasoline and Jet-A fuel.

    The Iqaluit fuel tank facility has a capacity of 79 million litres and not only meets the refueling needs for the airport, a critical refueling stop for international flights crossing the North Atlantic, but also satisfies the needs of the community, with a population of nearly 6,700.

    Uqsuq operates out of a locally established office in Iqaluit and has successfully managed all aspects of the sale and distribution of petroleum products for the Government of Nunavut Petroleum Products Division for 20 years. The entire staff is from the local community with high engagement of Inuit employees, demonstrating a strong commitment to building capacity.


    Specialized Expertise

    With seven four-storey tanks at the bulk fuel storage facility, Uqsuq sells, dispense and deliver the petroleum products to customers in Iqaluit. This includes receiving products, which arrive via ocean-tankers, and managing the annual bulk fuel re-supply.

    To support the volume, we maintain a sufficient number of fuel trucks for the delivery of petroleum, including the provision of special equipment that may be required for dispensing aviation products at the Iqaluit airport.


    Safety and security

    To protect the fuel, storage facility and surrounding communities from the risks involved with large volumes of petroleum products being contained and distributed, we provide emergency response and ongoing security on site.