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Apollo Temporary Camp Infrastructure

Rapidly deployable accommodation solutions

Apollo Camps Ready to deploy in just two weeks

When you’re faced with quick or unexpected mobilization requirements and need crucial, integrated remote accommodations, our Apollo camp solution is your best solution.

The needs of our clients are as varied as the locations in which they work. Operating in harsh, remote environments, the military, humanitarian relief, extractive operations, construction and other commercial industries are often faced with immediate accommodation needs, and a lack of basic shelters.

We can supply a rapidly deployable camp system on a convenient rental basis, that is customized to your needs.

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Apollo camps are ideal for:

  • Disaster relief shelters
  • Temporary hospitals/ medical facilities
  • Military exercise or deployments
  • Mining or oil & gas workforce accommodation
  • Security personnel for major events


We incorporate six elements in a flexible, deployable shelter package to suit your operation.

plug-n-play camp components

  • Modular accommodation

    Military-grade inflatable tents come in a range of sizes that can be set up in minutes with included inflation kit and internal lighting kit.

  • Ablutions

    Shower, toilet, sink and hot-water boiler options are available within a fit-for-purpose inflatable tent.

  • Kitchen

    Pre-assembled, containerized, plug-n-play kitchens come in two sizes; 250 and 500 meals/day. Optional cold / frozen and dry storage units are available.

  • Potable water

    Our water treatment systems filter and purify solid and biological contaminants. We also offer treated water storage and distribution options.

  • waste water treatment

    Pre-packaged waste water distribution and storage infrastructure come with an optional treatment unit.

  • power generation

    Modular power generation and distribution sets keep your camp powered.

customize your camp

With military-grade inflatable tents in a range of sizes and plug-and-play features including water supply, treatment and power generation, we can rapidly deploy a custom solution in as little as two weeks.

Our logistics network has a global reach and can ensure that camp components reach your site within days of ordering, anywhere in the world. Our experienced site supervisory team will arrive on-site with the equipment to aid with set-up.

This approach gives you unprecedented flexibility, and with rental options, you don’t have to invest heavily in assets.

You can be assured the infrastructure meets our strict quality control policies and best practice international standards. 

Apollo Camp Diagram

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