ATCO Frontec

Solid Waste Management

Keeping your worksite clear

Keep your site clean safely and sustainably with our industrial solid waste management services. We can design a program that includes the collection, treatment, disposal and transportation of waste materials, including hazardous waste, that is completely customized to your unique project needs.

We can help in the following areas:

  • Site-wide clean up
  • Manage third-party transportation and processing and disposal
  • Data management for all waste materials
  • Managing hazardous waste materials
  • Implementing and managing recycling and waste reduction programs
  • Operate solid waste system including garbage collection, incineration and landfill


From remote camps to industrial sites, we can develop a waste management system.

Our solid waste services have been tested in some of the most complex environments in the world. For example, in 2012, we built a waste incineration plant at the Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. It was an EU-compliant facility that was capable of handling 100 tons of waste per day, with four identical waste incineration lines fed by pre-sorted and shredded waste. 

The project included extensive landscaping to mitigate the risk of seasonal flooding and an emissions-monitoring system that provided continuous data and analysis on gaseous emissions from the four exhaust stacks.

No matter how remote your operation, we can help you safely manage your waste and ensure regulatory compliance.