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Indigenous Partnerships

Partnering for Success

Since 1981, ATCO has been creating successful Indigenous partnerships throughout Canada and Alaska. True partnerships stand the test of time. This is why it’s so important to strive for understanding and personal trust with Indigenous communities and businesses. Developing partnerships based on mutual trust and respect is a hallmark for success in long and enduring personal and commercial relationships.   

Partnerships are an effective way of sharing benefits between ATCO and a community. Whenever we begin a project, we engage with local communities early to learn about their unique needs and provide opportunities that meet those needs. We are sincere and transparent in our consultation and seek to invest in the community. By operating together, we share revenue, expertise and employees. 

50+ Indigenous Relationships

Across Canada, ATCO has over 50 partnerships and relationship agreements with Indigenous Communities.

Our Indigenous Relations Pillars

Our Indigenous Relations Pillars
  • Employment
    Uqsuq employee

    We aim to provide stable, long-term employment and our goal is to employ a workforce to maximize the number of Indigenous employees. At some projects, this number can be as high as 70 per cent. Hiring locally allows us to benefit from local knowledge, while building a community’s economic opportunities.

  • Education
    Kitchen Skills program

    Education is one of the most lasting benefits that we can offer. That’s why we begin by assessing each community’s current level of education and training, evaluating existing government programs and connecting them with our training partners. And ATCO’s Indigenous Education Awards Program provides bursaries and scholarships up to $1500 to students in Indigenous communities.

    On-the-job training for employees and contractors gives us another way of addressing a community’s skills and training needs. ATCO provides professional-level kitchen skills and housekeeping skills programs to Indigenous students as a first step toward employment in one of our lodges. We've also offered management training programs for high potential participants.

  • Engagement
    Engaging with communities

    We have genuine relationships with many Indigenous groups, where we listen and learn to truly understand their unique perspectives. Purposeful engagement with includes discussions about projects that may impact them, exploring how we can best meet their needs and developing unique approaches to partnership and collaboration.

  • Economic Participation
    Aboriginal Procurement Champion

    Our operations need local vendors and subcontractors to supply a variety of goods and services — a great opportunity for local Indigenous businesses. Subcontracting and suppliers can include jobs like earth works, sourcing equipment and supplies, trucking and hauling, and site services like laundry services, commissary and recycling.

    In order to facilitate opportunities and reduce barriers to businesses during the procurement process, we have registered as an Aboriginal Procurement Champion with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). We also hold information sessions for Indigenous businesses.

ATCO Indigenous Skills Program


Wicehtowak Frontec Services, our partnership with George Gordon Developments, is proud to offer the ATCO Indigenous Skills Program at BHP Jansen Discovery Lodge. 

Individuals have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills along with practical work experience in a camp, leading to meaningful employment. 

"This program will help address poverty, as our community has equitable access to sustainable long-term employment, training, and education,” says Chief Bitternose, George Gordon First Nation.


Progressive Aboriginal Relations

The Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification demonstrates to communities that we are good business partners, create a great place to work, and are committed to prosperity in Indigenous communities.

We have implemented many innovative programs and engaged with Indigenous communities that have made a lasting impact. In October 2022 we were proud to be recognized by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) at the Silver level. 


PAR Silver

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