ATCO Frontec

Project Profile

Operations and maintenance at NFTC 15 Wing Moose Jaw

  • NATO Flying Training in Canada



    Date:  1998 - 2022

    Location:  15 Wing Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Client:  CAE

    Category:  Facility Operations & Maintenance

    Canada is known far and wide for our peacekeeping contributions and we have the Canadian Armed Forces to thank for that and for keeping our country secure and strong. 

    To support our military efforts, Frontec provided facilities management services for over 104,000 m2 of the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) military training site, located at 15 Wing Moose Jaw, under contract with CAE.

    The NFTC trains approximately 140 pilots per year from various NATO countries on Hawk jets and Harvard II turboprop aircrafts. The site supports the high profile international NFTC Program and Canada’s Snowbirds aerobatic team.

    From 1998 until 2022, we managed the fleet and equipment logistics, complete facilities operations and maintenance, and first responders services to NFTC’s airfield infrastructure and education and flight training facilities.

    • Facilities Management Services

      We responded to the need to keep the facilities in pristine condition, which include fully equipped dining facilities, recreation units, hangars and administration services. Our comprehensive facilities operation and maintenance services took care of electrical, mechanical, structural, plumbing and HVAC systems throughout the site.

      We also:

      • Operated the water plant, including 12 km of water distribution piping
      • Provided utilities maintenance and management, including water, sewage, heating plants and high voltage systems
      • Managed and maintained a 1.5 million-litre above ground fuel farm
    • Vehicle and Logistics Services

      The NFTC is a high tempo, fast turnaround environment, and keeping things running smoothly was essential. Our advanced transportation services included:

      • Vehicle and fleet maintenance and management
      • Heavy equipment operation
      • Maintenance of light and heavy equipment
      • Roads and grounds maintenance including landscaping
      • Plows, snow blowers, graders, sanders and dump trucks
      • Operation and maintenance of the site vehicle refuelling point
    • Fire/Crash Rescue Services

      With experience in remote and dangerous worksites around the world, a safe operation is our priority. We provided:

      • Fire crash rescue services to CAT III
      • Non-hazardous waste management
      • Fire suppression systems operation and maintenance
      • Snow and ice control for airfield and grounds
      • Bird and mammal control program to minimize air strikes
      • First response for environmental spills
    • Airfield Infrastructure

      We operated and maintained a busy and dynamic site that required meticulous planning and attention to detail, including:

      • Hangars, control towers, offices, simulator buildings, labs, vehicle storage and maintenance facilities, equipment and materials storage areas, utilities buildings and navigational aid buildings.
      • Maintenance of airport surfaces and grounds
      • Aircraft refuelling
      • Support to the Canadian Forces Snowbirds
      • Facilities maintenance for two hangars, auxiliary power units, and navigational aid buildings
    • Flight Training Facilities

      We managed a 9,290m2 state-of-the-art multipurpose structure that includes:

      • Ground school facilities, including 42 classrooms
      • Flight simulation rooms
      • Technical libraries, administration and support services
      • Program offices and lounge areas, including a two-story high 327m2 atrium