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  • Shell Blue Sky Lodge

    More than just shelter

    When we think about new projects, we always consider people first. Workforce housing isn’t just about the building that shelters workers, it’s also about the communities that support it.

    So when we set out to manufacture, install and operate a 1,200-person workforce housing facility for Shell Canada near its Carmon Creek oil sands project near the town of Peace River, Alberta, we didn’t just consider how we’d build it. We considered who we were building it for and who would build it with us.



    Date:  2014-2015

    Location:  Peace River, Alberta, Canada

    Client:  Shell Canada

    Category:  Workforce Housing & Camp Services

    Who were we building it for?

    We built the two-story, 1,200-person Blue Sky lodge for workers who deserved a taste of comfort and home. With 95 160-sqare-foot single bedrooms, an innovative soft-walled gymnasium, and exceptional recreation and relaxation areas, the facility was designed to have an open, hotel-like feel. From the inviting atmosphere of the skylight in the lobby to a full-service gym that encourages healthy daily routines, every part of the building’s construction was designed to be as welcoming as possible.

    As part of the development, we also constructed a 200-person, open-plan office, along with a wastewater treatment plant capable of servicing 1,500 people. Along with features like individual thermostats in each room and insulating blackout blinds, these bundled features mean that everyone could make the most of every available resource as both residents and employees. 


    Who’d build it with us?

    No matter how remote the site, local residents are always an invaluable asset in constructing and maintaining our projects. Blue Sky Lodge was no exception.

    Our joint venture with the nearby Woodland Cree First Nation helped us address all facets of the construction and operation of the facility, from camp management to catering, housekeeping to janitorial services. It’s a mutually beneficial way of guaranteeing that local residents will reap the advantages from the temporary residents who make up the facility’s workforce.

    We were also able to draw on our own resources across the continent, with the modular units for this project manufactured simultaneously at our facilities in Calgary, Alberta and Pocatello, Idaho.

    Together, the result was a facility that stands as proof of our ability to meet the demands of a discerning workforce and employ the abilities of our invaluable partners. Together, we put people first.

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