ATCO Frontec

Project Profile

Operational support in Canada's second most Northern community

  • Resolute Bay Arctic Operations



    Date:  1989 - Present

    Location:  Resolute Bay, Nunavut

    Client:  Various

    Features:  Facility operations and maintenance, fuel management, water treatment, airfield services, hospitality, construction and civil works

    Resolute Bay is the second most Northern community in Canada and is host to several ATCO Frontec operations. The natural surroundings are unique and it’s home to polar bears, beluga whales, arctic foxes, and many other animals. The Resolute Bay airport is an important refuelling stop for aircraft passing through to other places in the high Arctic such as CFS Alert and Eureka. It’s also one of the coldest inhabited places in the world, with an average yearly temperature of −15.7 °C (3.7 °F). There’s nothing quite like operating in this environment.

    We’ve been providing a wide range of site and operational support services in the hamlet for over 30 years, supporting a number of different clients with very unique requirements. We’re known to jump in at a moment’s notice to provide support in the community from responding to an Arctic rescue mission, to catering the high-school graduation. 


    Some of our varied projects include:

    Government of Nunavut

    • Water / wastewater treatment
    • Utilidor maintenance
    • Fuel delivery services, including airport refueling and environmental
    • Fuel tank farm management and maintenance for the Petroleum Products Division (PPD) of Nunavut

    Natural Resources Canada - Polar Continental Shelf Program

    • Facility maintenance and janitorial services for PCSP facilities
    • Catering and housekeeping
    • Annual sealift
    • Snow removal
    • Fuel delivery
    • Water treatment plant
      Operating the water treatment plant
    • Refuelling planes
      Refueling aircraft at Resolute Bay's Airport
    • Fuel tank farm
      The fuel tank farm at Resolute Bay

    First Air

    • Airfield services
    • Snow removal
    • Aircraft support and offloading
    • General and equipment maintenance

    SRI International

    • Operation and maintenance of the Incoherent Scatter Radar at Resolute Bay Observatory

    Nav Canada

    • Maintenance of all facilities, structures, systems and equipment at the airport
    • Snow and ice control

    Environment Canada

    • Aerological release of weather balloons
    • Routine maintenance and snow removal
    Cargo Handling
    Cargo management at Resolute Bay airport
    Weather Balloon
    Releasing weather balloons twice daily

    Department of National Defence

    To support arctic training exercises for Canadian Armed Forces, the RCMP, Canadian Coast Guard and other government departments and agencies in Canada's North, we mobilize equipment and temporary accommodations for projects like Operation Nanook and Crystal City.

    Hotel Operations

    We also own and operate two hotels in Resolute Bay; the South Camp Inn and the Narwhal Airport Inn. They feature comfortable, warm rooms with amenities and services such as fitness room, common areas, dining and full meal services, and complimentary airport shuttle.