Project Profile

  • Voisey's Bay Nickel Mine

    Operations support for a busy mine site

    Rich in natural resources, Canada is home to not only established oil and gas exploration, but also a leading mining industry. 

    To provide logistical support to mining and exploration companies in the Central Mineral Belt of Labrador, we partnered with the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies to form Torngait Services Inc. (TSI) in 1995.

    In 2004 the scope of the partnership included ATCO Structures' construction of a 900-person temporary camp for Voisey’s Nickel Bay Mine. A permanent complex was added later to accommodate 297 mining workers. Today, TSI’s offerings have expanded to include a full range of site services that include port operation, snow removal, fuel management, road maintenance, equipment transportation, transportation and airfield support, solid waste and sewage management and other project management services. 



    Date:  2004 - Present

    Location:  Voisey's Bay, Labrador, Canada

    Client:  Vale

    Category:  Operational Support Services

    Project management

    For the construction phase of the mine and related facilities, we provided project management services for installation of both construction and permanent equipment, provision of marine transportation and helicopter charter services.


    Facilities operation and maintenance

    Every extension of the facilities are managed to ensure smooth operation of the program. The holistic service package includes:

    • Snow removal and ice control for access roads, parking lots, lay down areas, walkways, stairs, and runaway.
    • Daily transportation and distribution of fuel from the port fuel storage tanks to the mill and mine site’s tank farm. Approximately 104,000 litres of diesel fuel are transported per day.
    • Year-round maintenance of all site roads (excluding mine road) and yards, including dust control.
    • Garbage collection, incineration and landfill. We also operate the sewage treatment plant and potable water supply systems.


    Logistics and transportation

    The nature of the mining project requires careful transportation of specialized equipment and often hazardous materials. To streamline the process and ensure materials are delivered accurately and safely, we handle logistics and transportation for the entire program. Our services for the project include:

    • Port operation: mooring, unloading and loading of containers, bulk and break-bulk cargo, fuel transfers and the loading of concentrates.
    • Equipment management and materials logistics: on-site transportation of equipment and materials from location, the loading, haulage and storage of three separate concentrates. We also operate the sand and gravel pit and aggregate plant to provide material for use site-wide.
    • Transportation and airfield support: bus transportation, including to and from aircraft and work locations, and the labour required for loading and offloading aircraft freight and luggage.


    Expertise in working in remote areas

    Voisey’s Bay mine site is remote with limited access via daily charter aircraft and marine access only in the summer months. In the winter, the climate can be extreme with heavy snowfalls, high winds and cold temperatures. Because of these complexities, together with the presence of wildlife in the area, site regulations are extremely important. We adhere to best practices in dealing with environmental factors to minimize risks.


    Indigenous partnerships

    Through Torngait contracts and training programs, we have continuously contributed to the growth and economic capabilities of Labrador Inuit. A full 70 per cent of Torngait’s workforce is made up Indigenous employees. These agreements have also been successful in securing benefits for many Indigenous communities.