Disaster & Emergency Management

Project Profile

  • Pakistan Earthquake Emergency Response

    team mobilizes in just 5 days

    There’s no time to waste when it comes to disaster relief. So, when a devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Kashmir, Pakistan in October 2005, we responded swiftly to deliver essential services and housing to emergency personnel working on affected areas.

    We were awarded a contract to build, operate, then demobilize a prototype rapid response NATO camp for a Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters assigned to provide earthquake relief. The camp, deployed within five days of being notified, housed the NATO Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) of 250, plus 40 staff members. 



    Date:  2005

    Location:  Kashmir, Pakistan

    Client:  NATO

    Category:  Disaster Relief

    Together with the camp, we provided completed site support services, including catering, medical, transportation, supply, fuel, equipment maintenance, facility maintenance, water supply, waste disposal, and other camp services.

    Within two weeks of securing the contract, the camp office and accommodation tents (complete with air conditioning units and heaters), and the life support facilities (toilet/shower units, generators, dining tents, water treatment facilities and wastewater storage) were set up and fully operational.