Disaster & Emergency Management

Project Profile

  • Haiti Earthquake Disaster Response

    Leveraging our Unique experience

    Our unique experience with emergency response played a significant role in being awarded a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) contract after a devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. 

    As part of the Canadian Government’s relief efforts, CIDA contracted us to provide a temporary administrative base for various Haitian government departments. It covered the procurement, transportation, installation, operation and maintenance of three facilities for six months. 



    Date:  2010

    Location:  Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    Client:  Canadian International Development Agency

    Category:  Disaster Relief

    The project included facilities on sites in or near Port-au-Prince on the grounds of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, and the former United States Embassy site. 

    Each facility featured a secured, self-contained, flexible membrane structure that include air-conditioning, portable toilets, desks and office supplies, primary and back-up power generators. We also set up computers and the established internet service. Together, the three facilities provided offices for 280 civil servants. 

    We also delivered on two additional contracts in Haiti. The Caribbean Development Bank contracted us to provide temporary offices for Government of Haiti agencies.

    As well, the Canadian Commercial Corporation awarded us a contract to provide temporary classroom facilities for Haiti’s national police academy.