Project Profile

  • EUFOR CIS Operations & Maintenance

    Peacekeeping is an never-ending endeavour that keeps us safe from threats in any given era. Post-Bosnian war, the NATO-led Stabilization Force (SFOR) assisted in peace enforcement efforts with continued military presence to deter hostilities. Behind their military training and equipment is an intricately coordinated process for maintenance and servicing that requires specialized expertise.

    Through our ATCO Frontec International division, we provide operations and maintenance support for NATO’s Communications and Information Systems (CIS). The project includes support services at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo and four remote sites at Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla and Zagreb. The contract, which began in 2003, now services the European Union Force (EUFOR) and includes the provision of system administration, automated data processing maintenance, help desk services and database and configuration management services.



    Date:  2003 - Present

    Location:  Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Client:  NATO

    Category:  IT CIS Services

    Managing information systems in a demanding and technical environment requires a highly skilled team. The overall project was divided into two phases: planning and assessment, and implementation of support functions. Proving our expertise, the contract was expanded to include network control desk, integrated digital network exchange, together with video teleconferencing and NATO cryptography, and line team support functions.


    Delivering a range of technical services

    • System administration
    • Information technology maintenance
    • First and second-level automated data processing maintenance
    • Customer help desk
    • Network control desk
    • Video teleconferencing and cryptography technical support
    • Cable plant maintenance and line support
    • Electronic control systems training
    • Around the clock emergency response at all sites
    • Quality control
    • Operation and maintenance support for the NATO and European Union Force secure and non-secure networks
    • Database and configuration management
    • Design and implementation of new solutions cryptography, and line team support functions

    Demanding security and qualification requirements

    We have over a decade of CIS experience in managing highly technical requirements in regulated environments. We support projects like:

    • Installation of ID card network
    • Introduction of telecom services
    • Fibre optic cable installation at Camp Butmir
    • Crypto service