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Project Profile

  • Camp Novo Selo Fire Protection

    Peace is a never-ending effort for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The organization has been leading a peace support operation in Kosovo since June 1999 in support of wider international efforts to build peace and stability in the area.

    Camp Novo Selo, which is located near Vushtrri in northern Kosovo, is a 700-person camp that houses troops deployed to maintain a safe and secure environment for all citizens.

    Such concerted endeavours require a high degree of coordination and training. In October 2014, our subsidiary, ATCO Frontec Europe (AFE), was awarded a contract to provide fire protection services for Camp Novo Selo. 



    Date:  2014 - Present

    Location:  Northern Kosovo

    Client:  NATO

    Category:  Fire/Crash Rescue Services

    Firefighting expertise and experience

    With our expertise in the development of camp infrastructure and emergency services, we were consulted on how to best support the camp. To help the organization manage the risk associated with the training, we recruited and trained fire wardens, and developed first-response plans for a variety of incidents, such as hazardous materials risks, water shortage and fuel and chemical spills. Furthermore, we supplied the necessary emergency equipment including a fire truck, tanker truck and portable water reservoirs.

    Our fire protection service at Camp Novo Selo employs over 20 firefighters, including a fire chief, deputy fire chief and a small maintenance staff. 

    Leveraging our experience in international projects and maintaining business relationships, we mobilized all project resources quickly and efficiently in order to meet the service start deadline, and successfully procured the required equipment, fire vehicles and personnel required for service start.

    In addition to Kosovo, we also supported NATO and its International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, including, first responder services at the Kandahar Airfield. In Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, we provided communications and information services to approximately 2,500 NATO and European Forces troops.