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Project Profile

  • Alaska Radar System Maintenance

    An eye on the sky

    In 1951, at the start of the Cold War, radar sites were set up across Alaska to serve as an early warning system – alerting the military to invaders of U.S. airspace.

    Today, the Alaska Radar System (ARS) is in direct support of the NORAD/NORTHCOM mission for air sovereignty within Alaska and provide civil aircraft information to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The ARS comprises 15 active long range radar sites, and three unattended radio sites, in geographically isolated areas. Some have infrastructure and equipment over 50 years old and requiring specified maintenance. But getting there isn’t easy as they are accessible only by air or seasonal barge.



    Date:  1993 - Present

    Location:  Alaska, USA

    Client:  US Department of the Air Force

    Category:  Operations & Maintenance Services

    This is where the specialized services of ARCTEC Alaska come in. We partnered with ASRC Federal Primus in 1993 to form the ARCTEC joint venture to provide operations and maintenance services to these remote sites, including maintaining the facilities at the primary base for the ARS – Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

    The scope of work includes:

    Long Range Radar Sites

    • 7 sites with active gravel runways
    • 7 sites collocated with villages
    • 1 radar at Forward Operating Base

    3 Unattended Radio Sites

    Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

    • Project Headquarters
    • Maintenance Control and Communications Center
    • 24/7 Cell at Region Air Operations Center


    The operations and maintenance contract includes:

    • Snow removal and de-icing
    • Weather observation
    • Power generation (prime power and emergency generators)
    • Gravel roads and grounds
    • Fuel tank farm and annual fuel resupply
    • Water and sewage system
    • Alarm system
    • Communication electronics (ground-to-ground)
    • Facilities and civil engineering
    • Monthly site resupply
    • Seawall maintenance
    • Aerial tramway
    • Wind turbine
    • Billeting and food
    • Other logistical support

    ARCTEC Alaska is contracted to provide these services until 2028.