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  • Keeping Health and Safety at the Forefront

    Frontec Celebrates 10-million Hour Safety Milestone

    Developing a best-in-class workplace safety culture takes full commitment from every level of an organization. And that commitment is shining through at Frontec this month, as our team celebrates an impressive safety milestone: 10 million man-hours without a lost time incident (LTI). That represents five consecutive years!

    With operations across Canada and in Europe, at a variety of sites from the Arctic to NATO air bases, this achievement represents the success of a set of health and safety programs we’ve implemented to improve the workplace for hundreds of workers.

    By using behavior based and safety observation programs workers can recognize and eliminate hazards before an incident happens. Encouraging workers to report hazards and unsafe behavior prevents injuries and we’ve been able to make that an essential part of our safety culture. They’re watching out for each other, so at the end of the day everyone gets home safely.

    Communication plays a big part in our success. Frequently sharing information across our numerous worksites about common hazards and risks raises awareness and helps teams implement preventative measures. It also keeps our customers informed and assured that we’re living and breathing our safety program.

    Ensuring we protect the health and safety of employees and our customers is paramount to our organization. Operating with over 10 million hours LTI free is a great testament to Frontec’s commitment, and we intend to keep that streak going.

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