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New Joint Venture project in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

  • Supporting The Canadian High Arctic Research Station

    New Partnership Providing Facility Management Services

    At ATCO, our Indigenous partnerships and joint ventures in the North have led to many mutually beneficial business opportunities, with some still going strong after 25 years.

    Most recently our newest joint venture company, Nunavut Arctic Services Ltd, has been chosen by the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to provide facility management and maintenance services at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS), located in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. 

    The CHARS campus is operated by Polar Knowledge Canada and was designed to optimize innovation in Arctic science and technology, from ecosystem monitoring to DNA analysis, while incorporating Indigenous knowledge.

    We’ll leave the research to the experts. Our job is to ensure the facilities are operating smoothly by providing services such as building management planning, operations and maintenance, emergency work services, utilities and environmental management, hoteling and cleaning. This five-year contract also has three two-year extension options for a total period of 11 years.

    An essential part of operating in the Inuit Nunangat, the four arctic regions forming the homeland of the Canadian Inuit, is providing Inuit benefits. Our comprehensive Inuit Benefits plan commits to opportunity for procurement, employment and training in local communities.

    “We’re thrilled to provide our premier, customer‐centric maintenance and operational support services to CHARS,” said Jim Landon, President, ATCO Frontec. “We have extensive knowledge and expertise throughout this region and for decades have been supporting, partnering and providing innovative solutions to customers and communities in Canada’s North.”

    This is the first contract for Nunavut Arctic Services, which is a Class 1 Inuit Firm with the Nunavut Registrar of Corporations and comprises 5458 Nunavut Ltd. (51% interest) and ATCO Frontec Ltd. (49% interest). The team looks forward to delivering excellence on this unique and remote project.

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