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  • Caring for Community is at our Core

    Frontec Employee Shares How She Lives Our Values Every Day

    At ATCO, one of our core values is caring. We care about our customers, our employees, our communities, and the environment. This was one of the reasons Rupy Chahal wanted to work with us. 

    “I’ve known about ATCO for a long time and the company values align with my own, which I admire,” explained Rupy, who said applying to ATCO was an easy decision after speaking to other employees and hearing about their experience. 

    Recently promoted to Assistant Facility Manager at the ATCO Two Rivers Lodge, Rupy Chahal has achieved a lot in her career, but giving back to the community is what she is most proud of.  

    Rupy Chahal

    “My biggest accomplishment thus far is when I was nominated for the ATCO Excellence Award for Community Spirit,” said Rupy who has been with the company for nearly four years.

    While at ATCO, Rupy organized several campaigns to give back to the Fort St. John community where the camp is located. One most notable to her was assisting Indigenous Youth at Moberly Lake Elementary.

    “We raised almost $10,000 and these funds allowed underprivileged families to have a fresh start to the school year, with new supplies for all the students that attended that year.”

    When she’s not giving back to the community, Rupy is hard at work developing her skill set on site at the Two Rivers Lodge.

    “With my leader’s support, I completed a Quality Management certificate program. This helped me to understand the international organization for standardization (ISO) that we maintain at this site.”    

    There’s also a lot of opportunity to learn on the job. With over 200 staff working at the site, Rupy names emotional intelligence as a valuable characteristic she has had the opportunity to strengthen in the last few years.

    "When the COVID Pandemic started in early 2020, we were faced with multiple obstacles,” she explained, noting the fluid nature of our business. “My project management skills were put to the test and as a result, they improved.”

    It’s during these times that Rupy appreciates the welcoming atmosphere of ATCO Frontec. 

    “I feel supported by ATCO as an individual person and an employee. I feel comfortable bringing ‘my whole self’ to work and I believe our opinions matter at all levels in the organization.”

    For more information about working at ATCO Frontec, visit our careers page.   

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